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Previous Behavior Questions

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How do I make my horse stop rearing when saddled? - December 2007
Why Does my Horse paw while eating? - December 2007
Why Does my Horse Toss his head and sweat when I ride him? - September 2007
What does the term wet saddle blanket mean? - September 2007
How do I Bridle my Tennessee Walking Horse? - August 2007
How do I Halter Break my Filly? - July 2007
Could You Give me Advice on Buying a Family Horse? - February 2007
How do I gain a shy pony's trust? - June 2006
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Do horses naturally dislike hroses of another color? - February 2006
Do geldings feel threatened by male handlers? - December 2005
Mare with Attitude - April 2005
Mare in Prolonged Heat - March 2005
Head Flipping - January 2005
Snorting - November 2004
Separation Anxiety - February 2004

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