"Problem" Horses

Unfortunately many horses have behavior problems - most often created by poor and inconsistent handling or physical abuse. Time and patience is required to correct these behavioral problems, and sometimes the problems cannot be correct and instead must be managed. Read about some horses with behavioral problems and how they were helped or managed.

There are several case studies below, and The Equine Behaviorist now has a case study/problem horse blog.

Lear and Bastet lived together for 19 years - all of Lear's life. Bastet was his dam, and they were never truly mentally weaned (he was physically weaned - he no longer tried to nurse). These two horses could not be separated. If you took Bastet out of Lear's site, he would pace and whinny. If you tried to exercise Lear without Bastet, he was uncontrollable. Learn More
Annie Annie was donated to a rescue after being bought as a family's first horse. She was impossible to tie - breaking halters, lead ropes, and pulling apart stall walls when tied. She was also nervous and hard to handle. Learn More
Cloud Cloud was seized by law enforcement after she was found starving in a field. She was so wild that she ran through a fence to get away from the officers. Learn More
Belara was purchased by a family as a three month old foal. She was allowed to get away with misbehaving until she was an adult - and then her misbehavior scared her owners. By the time Belara's owners donated her to a rescue, it was clear that they could not handle her. Learn More
Belle was purchased from a horse breeder as a first horse for an adult novice rider. When she was test-ridden before purchase, she was quiet and relaxed, although somewhat green. When she got home, she turned into a completely different horse: bolting, crow-hopping and more. Learn More
George was seized by law enforcement and then placed with a rescue where he was fostered by The Equine Behaviorist. After he gained weight, it was time to start riding him. That's when The Equine Behaviorist found out how insecure George really was. Learn More
Silver was donated to a rescue when his owner could no longer keep him. While in a While in a foster home, Silver was allowed to misbehave without correction, until he became difficult to handle. By the time he came to The Equine Behaviorist, Silver was a little terror. Learn More
Reveille was given to a police department after his owner died. They had no place to put a horse, so they put him with a rescue. He was a teenage stallion, and be began terrorizing foster homes. By the time he got to The Equine Behaviorist, he was quite dangerous. Learn More
Rachel Rachel was severely underweight when she was placed with a rescue organization. Rachel was covered in scars and flinched every time someone tried to touch her when she arrived at The Equine Behaviorist's barn. Learn More

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